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Creative thinking is the realization that there's no particular virtue in doing things the way they've always been done.

I have personally hand selected and printed my favorite black and white environmental portraits and compiled them into EDEN, a collector's edition, coffee table book. EDEN is a showcase of fifteen years of my photographic work circumnavigating the globe. The locations range from places like Cuba to Siberia, Ireland to Guatemala, China to India, from the Kenya Somalia border to the borders of Turkey and Iraq.

The White House and the Denver Art Museum each house three images for their permanent collections. My documentary photographs have been used by the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations as well as an endless list of corporations, ad agencies and magazines.

The quality of the printing itself is an art form. Forty eight photographs are reproduced as two hundred and fifty line screen, spot varnished, duotones masterly crafted and assembled in a smyth sewn, hard covered book. For the cost of $45.00 per book, less than the price of a common stock search, it is an effective tool to reference stock.

EDEN makes a beautiful publication for the fine photographic collector. Each of the images will be offered as a limited edition of fifty 16 x 20 prints. This book offers you a tangible way to intimately study the images and have them for your own collection.

To make gift giving easy, for that special birthday or holiday gift, let me help. I will personalize the signing of a book, gift wrap it and ship it to the recipient. I will also enclose a gift card with your personal message. There is a limited quantity of books. Use the order form to purchase your copy.

Melanie Eve Barocas

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